First Interview After Being Dismissed from the Army

Lt. Dan Choi
The Rachel Maddow Show
May 8, 2009

After being officially discharged from the Army, Lt. Choi appeared again on The Rachel Maddow Show for this interview. The segment also features Representative Joe Sestak.

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Coming out on the Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow interviews Lt. Dan Choi
The Rachel Maddow Show
March 19 & 20, 2009

Note: The Rachel Maddow Show’s audio feed to Lt. Choi cuts out in the middle of the interview, so he returns the next day to finish the interview.

Take 1 (March 19, 2009)

Take 2 (March 20, 2009)

World AIDS Day Update

December 1st is World AIDS Day. This holds special significance for the LGBT community and its rhetoric, for as AIDS activists ACT-UP remind us: silence = death.

First I’d like to highlight some AIDS speeches in the Queer Rhetoric Project archive. In 1992 Mary Fisher gave an incredibly eloquent and poignant speech to the Republican National Convention attempting to draw their attention to the scope AIDS crisis and call them to action. The speech, “A Whisper of AIDS”, is remembered as one of the top speeches in the 20th century and serves as an exemplary example of LGBT-related activism.

A second noteworthy speech is one given just last week by AIDS-Free World co-director Stephen Lewis at the Commonwealth People’s Forum. This speech targets in particular Uganda’s recent passage of an extremely anti-gay bill that mandates the death penalty for HIV-positive gay men and lesbians. For more information on the bill, see a clip from the Rachel Maddow Show here.

For more resources on World AIDS Day see:
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Finally, while it’s still significantly under construction, here is the link to the AIDS section of the archive. Also, here is the page for ACT UP.