The Beginner’s Guide to Cruising (1964)

The Beginner’s Guide to Cruising
by George Marshall
55 pages, Washington, DC

From Chapter III: The Approach

“In these days of marvels of speed such as jet planes, time has come to be of enormous importance. While in days past, months, years, even a lifetime could be devoted to the pursuit of a gay, it just won’t do now. The would-be cruiser has a living, as well as gays, to make, and he can’t afford to take much time off from the one for the other. Also we live at a faster pace, and very few men indeed would be content to let one affair last for many years- off the old, on the new, if I may so phrase it, is the watchword. Therefore, the aspirant cruiser must pay particular attention to his approach. The right one saves time and (so far as mortals may order these matters) commands success.”

Beginner’s Guide to Cruising (full pdf)


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