Remarks on Passage of Defense of Marriage Act

by Bill Clinton

Kansas City International Airport
Kansas City, Missouri
September 10, 1996

Q Mr. President, — same sex marriage bill passed today — are you still going to sign it?


Q Why?

THE PRESIDENT: For the reason that I said all along — I have — I said back in ’92 that while I believe that gay partners can have certain contractual rights and other considerations, that the term marriage should not be applied in law. And this bill simply says that no state has to recognize any other state’s law to that regard. So it’s consistent with the position I took back in ’92, and therefore, I will sign it.

I will say again as I have repeatedly said, this should not be cause for any sort of discrimination or gay bashing, and I regret that the Senate failed by one vote to adopt the anti-discrimination bill with regard to employment discrimination, which I think is a very good bill. And we’re so close and I feel comfortable we’ll be able to get it sometime in the near future.

Thank you.


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