Martin Luther King Day Update

This Martin Luther King Day, let’s remember the inspirational message of hope, tolerance, and equality that the civil rights leader embodied. Coretta Scott King, his wife, remained a vocal advocate of equal rights since his death until her own last year. Coretta in particular, was an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights. I have added a speech she made in 2000 to the Queer Rhetoric Project archive. In it she states:

My husband, Martin Luther King Jr., once said, “We are all tied together in a single garment of destiny… an inescapable network of mutuality,… I can never be what I ought to be until you are allowed to be what you ought to be.” Therefore, I appeal to everyone who believes in Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream to make room at the table of brotherhood and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people.

I hope we continue to maintain our resolve in working toward that goal.

Other recent additions include some famous news articles, some texts relating to the Proposition 8 federal trial, and a vision for the LGBT movement from 2001.


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