Calling All Progressives

I am unsure how I want to handle more ephemeral statements for LGBT rights. Should I archive them indescriminantly? Or should I maintain a certain base “importance” to warrant inclusion? Please comment with your thoughts.

Either way, I think this blog is a great way to help circulate such texts apart from the Queer Rhetoric Project archive itself.

Following the failure of the No on Question 1 campaign in Maine, Progressive blogger at Ameriqueer posts this video along with a statement calling on all progressives to make LGBT rights a priority. In part:

There will ALWAYS be something more important than LGBT equality affecting America–issues like Health Care Reform and the Economy effect LGBT people too! However, when we are discriminated against under the law every single day, we can’t give our all to fixing these problems. We are long overdue to be counted as equal citizens. That’s why we need to stop compromising and get laws guaranteeing LGBT equality passed in THIS CONGRESS.

Check out his blog for the full statement.


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